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Alex Gonzalez + BreakBrake17 from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.

Alex Gonzalez‘s Welcome to BreakBrake17 was filmed over the course of two days in San Francisco. I followed him around the city as we ripped around China Town, cleaned up trash down alleyways in the Soma and bombed between the trolley tracks on California St. 07.26/27.2014

Song : Eagulls – Nerve Endings

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A little experiment called the Ramboneer. by mapcycles on Flickr.
The 650b gravel revolution is coming!


A little experiment called the Ramboneer. by mapcycles on Flickr.

The 650b gravel revolution is coming!


Our AWOL friend Martin from e r t z u i film just sent us an update on how to combine being rad in general and going AWOL with a 10 month old daughter. Martin rides a L AWOL Transcontinental Edition.

As you guys know, I have a shift in priorities at the moment but before the AWOL hits the road/trail for its maiden long solo tour, I found a perfect niche for it which suits my living circumstances the most at the moment: It’s the family workhorse. I can pull my daughter where ever she (we) want to go using our Chariot trailer with the Thule Alfine adapter
Given the fact that I can simply attach any kind of bag (or wooden box thanks to the Globe Porteur) it helps to take the day as it comes and run errands along the way. The bike handles amazingly well despite its initial weight (which I don’t care about because some day I’ll have my fuck you power back) Coming from „regular“ riding geometries it took me a few rides to get used to riding in the bike instead of on it. I also had to play a little with the stem lengths (I am 191cm) but with the 100mm stem it works out just perfect. The tires ride extremely well, both on road and semi-loose ground. Especially when loaded.. so damn comfy! Last weekend, we went out camping for the first time. W h a t a b l a s t ! 60k on a loaded bike pulling a packed trailer with a 10month old child in it felt like doing a 150k road ride… Etta loved it all the way..
We love feedback like this. it enables us to keep on doing what we do and constantly improve the product and Your experience. Keep it coming and Martin, keep on being R.A.D!

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Melburn Roobaix 2014 - A Sunday in Hell from FYXO on Vimeo.

A scavenger hunt of sorts themed on the greatest single
day race of all - Paris Roubaix.

Armed with a musette containing the course map, riders are
challenged with finding sectors of pave, from the leafy East to
the Wild West to Roobaix.

The ‘Winner of Melburn Roobaix’ is drawn by raffle - receiving
a gold trophy & flight to Paris - to see the Queen of the Classics.

Release Me (:60) PSA from Dolphin Project on Vimeo.

Release Me (:60) PSA

Director Lincoln O’Barry
Editor: Tracy Hof
Song: Release Me
Special thanks to the amazing Frida Ohrn on vocals
Oh Laura
Cosmos Music Group

The Gift from Budnitz Bicycles on Vimeo.

Set within the mind of a man as he watches the woman he loves transform his gifts into freedom. Starring the Budnitz Model No.3, a beautiful woman, a pigeon, and a bucket of water. Written & directed by Russ Lamoureux.